DED Applications

DED - Directed Energy Deposition

DED is an Additive Manufacturing technology that uses focused thermal energy to fuse metal wire or powder by melting them as they are being deposited.

The DED process can be used for a variety of industrial applications, including extending the life of parts by providing wear resistant coatings, repairing broken or damaged parts, multi-material applications, creating additional structures on preexisting parts, and building precise complex geometry. BeAM’s DED process involves a custom deposition nozzle mounted on the Z-Axis of a CNC machine. The nozzle is moved in 3 linear axes while the build platform works in 2 rotational axes for a total of 5 simultaneous axes without the need for support structures.

Metal parts produced on BeAM Machines have a near net shape finish with no supports, allowing for less post processing and material waste. All of our machines feature BeAM designed co-axial nozzles with optional upgrades such as additional nozzle and laser sizes, controlled atmosphere, automatic tool changer, touch probe, and additional powder hoppers. Utilizing traditional CNC controls and using ISO G-code gives our customers tools that their skilled workforce is already accustom to.

Component Repair

New repair possibilities:

  • Previously un-repairable with traditional methods
  • Extend the life of parts
  • Reduce lead time

Example: Repair of worn shaft seal

Substrate: Titanium alloy
Post-repair thermal treatment
Spaces: Repair of worn seal
Material: Ti 6-4V
Powder size: 45 –75 μm
Width of deposit: 1.2 mm
Hardness: 400 Hv

Feature Addition

Adding features:

  • Multi-material applications
  • Maximize value
  • Reduce machining time

Near Net Shapes

Near Net Shape building of high-value parts:

  • Reduce material waste during traditional material removal of expensive forgings
  • Complex geometries
  • Print less, machine less