DED Applications


DED - Directed Energy Deposition

DED is an Additive Manufacturing process where focused thermal energy is used to fuse materials by melting them as they are deposited.

BeAM’s industrial solutions typically utilize a deposition nozzle mounted on the Z-axis of a DED dedicated CNC machine. This allows continuous 5 axis of freedom to build/repair components layer by layer without the need for support structures.

Utilizing traditional CNC controls and using ISO G-code gives our customers tools that their skilled workforce is already accustom to.

Component Repair

New repair possibilities:

  • Previously un-repairable with traditional methods
  • Extend the life of parts
  • Reduce lead time

Example: Repair of worn shaft seal

Substrate: Titanium alloy
Post-repair thermal treatment
Spaces: Repair of worn seal
Material: Ti 6-4V
Powder size: 45 –75 μm
Width of deposit: 1.2 mm
Hardness: 400 Hv

Feature Addition

Adding features:

  • Multi-material applications
  • Maximize value
  • Reduce machining time

Near Net Shapes

Near Net Shape building of high-value parts:

  • Reduce material waste during traditional material removal of expensive forgings
  • Complex geometries
  • Print less, machine less

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