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Saving with Feature Additions

Large Isogrid

By using a combination of traditional manufacturing and adding features with directed energy deposition, time and money can be saved to produce parts.

In 2018, BeAM created a concept for an optimized rocket nozzle featuring an isogrid, a structure that is usually machined out of a larger part in traditional manufacturing techniques. A pre-spun large hopper cone made with 304 Stainless Steel from a local manufacturer was purchased for $600 as the most efficient and frugal way to create this proof of concept. 

Printing an entire jet engine cone Inconel 625 would have been excessively expensive using Directed Energy Deposition alone. The Isogrid was printed onto the spun cone using the BeAM 10Vx nozzle with the magic 800 in a matter of only 16 hours. After the Isogrid was complete and cooled, the cone was removed from the machine and the point of the cone was removed in order to add the top structure. The realized build sits at a finished size of 32 x 30 in, was was completed in a total of 18 print hours. 


Part 1

Printed on 304 SS pre-purchased hopper cone.

Material: Inconel 625

Time: 16 Hours


Part 2

Cone tip removed. Material added on cut section.

Material: Inconel 625

Time: 2 Hours

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