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BeAM, part of the AddUp Group since 2018, designs and produces industrial metal additive manufacturing machines employing Directed Energy Deposition technology (DED).

BeAM was initially founded in 2012 with a view to build a new generation of DED Solutions. With our partners, we built and tested our Magic 1.0 system over a period of the next several years. The first industrial machines were delivered in early 2016 and we have continued to grow, test, and create new systems since.Utilizing the global additive manufacturing expertise of AddUp, BeAM, Poly-Shape, Michelin, and Fives, we are able to offer complete AM solutions from training and consultancy to R&D, prototyping, and serial production.


The DED process can be used for a variety of industrial applications, including extending the life of parts by providing wear resistant coatings, repairing broken or damaged parts, multi-material applications, creating additional structures on preexisting parts, and building precise complex geometry.

BeAM’s DED process involves a custom deposition nozzle mounted on the Z-Axis of a CNC machine. The nozzle is moved in 3 linear axes while the build platform works in 2 rotational axes for a total of 5 simultaneous axes. Metal parts produced on BeAM Machines have a near net shape finish with no supports, allowing for less post processing and material waste. All of our machines feature BeAM designed co-axial nozzles with optional upgrades such as additional nozzle and laser sizes, controlled atmosphere, automatic tool changer, touch probe, and additional powder hoppers.


It is important to us to know our customers’ business needs and concerns, and for BeAM to improve based on these points. We’re here to ensure our machines are utilized to their full potential with complete technical support on the process, service, and knowledge transfer.


Combining a unique collection of expertise, talents and cultures, our TeAM is made up of a highly ambitious group of Researchers, Engineers, Technicians and support staff.


We collaborate with R&D centers and universities to maintain our technological lead.
We also offer complete knowledge transfer to partners that wish to become regional DED experts.


BeAM always seeks to ensure that its business practices comply with applicable laws, regulations and ethical business principles, while developing a culture of integrity, creativity, and diversity.


BeAM is supported by Region Grand Est and European Union: