BeAM raised €3 million in a second round of funding to speed up its international development

Leading European manufacturer of Additive Manufacturing machines using the Laser Metal Deposition process, BeAM has raised €3 million in a second round of funding after an initial one done in December 2014.

Thanks to the 2014 fundraising, five well-known industrial figures became shareholders: Emeric d’Arcimoles, Frederic Sanchez, Hervé Guillou, Maurice Bérenger and Philippe Varin.

Emeric d’Arcimoles then became President and CEO of BeAM on February 1st, 2016. Today, three new personalities invest in BeAM: Jacques Barillot-Creuzet, Jean-Pierre Dreau,  Mr and Mrs Carayon, and BNP Paribas developpement funding . This new fundraising will help the company’s development in France and on an international scale.

BeAM is convinced that its machines can quickly complement standard metal part manufacturing in order to develop new applications in the field of manufacturing and repair. BeAM is well-established in the fields of aeronautics, space and defense with reference such as Safran and Chromalloy, and wishes to quickly position itself on new markets such as energy, shipbuilding and railroad industries.

“BeAM’s technology will, among other things, overthrow the business model with regard to repair and recycling of parts in the field of aeronautics and others. Our goal is to maintain our technological lead and to export our technology internationally to make BeAM one of the leaders of additive manufacturing” said Emeric d’Arcimoles, President and CEO of BeAM.

Thanks to Maître Claudia Bravo-Monroy, a young and dynamic lawyer at the bar of Bordeaux, this fund raising was completed in three months, a record in time, which is quite remarkable.