BeAM Additive Manufacturing Opens U.S. Office

Heading up the 20,000 square foot Beam Machines, Inc., U.S. facility is Tim Bell, an expert in manufacturing, with more than 10 years of experience in the Additive sector.

Bell and his team will handle sales, service, process development, applications, research & development and training, and will operate as the BeAM Solutions Center for North America.

Says BeAM’s CEO Emeric d’Arcimoles, “Opening a U.S Subsidiary is a major milestone, given the prospects for robust and rapid growth harbored by the American market.  BeAM intends to become a major player in the U.S., which has become the world leader in additive manufacturing.  Our General Manager Tim Bell will be a tremendous asset in this drive to conquer the West.  His in-depth knowledge of the U.S. market and network of contacts in the industry will help BeAM achieve rapid success in America, the largest additive manufacturing market in the world.”

Says Bell, “I am excited to introduce American companies to BeAM’s DED technology. Our ability to provide solutions that meet our customers’ needs is the result of design and manufacturing through a system of collaboration, feedback and experience across multiple industries including aeronautic, aerospace, defense, nuclear, and oil & gas. And our solution-oriented support minimizes both technological and financial risks for these customers, while maximizing their competitive advantage through innovation.”

Bell adds, “The advantages of our machines over the competition are unique. The IP in our deposition heads enables customers to have higher levels of powder efficiency, and more accurate depositions with finer surface finishes at similar deposition rates.”

BeAM’s additive manufacturing machine solutions range from the Mobile, optimized for small and medium production volumes as well as the repair of thin and complex parts, to the Magic 2.0, a large scale 5 axis machine designed for serial production or repair of high value components in industries with long lead times and high buy-to-fly ratios, and the new Modulo, a smaller fully integrated 5 axis serial production machine ideal for constrained space environments or even used in remote places such as oil rigs, military conflict zones, etc. 

BeAM Machines, Inc., provides additive manufacturing solutions extensively used to repair expensive gas turbine engine components that are not repairable using traditional technologies and are also used to add features to existing components and to create near net shapes. For more information, please visit or view: