BeAM at Formnext 2019

November 19 – 22nd, 2019 – Frankfurt Messe – Frankfurt, Germany

Strasbourg, November 5th, 2019 – BeAM will present new monitoring solutions and innovative, multi-material applications at Formnext, the leading global exhibition and conference on additive manufacturing, which takes place on November 19-22, 2019 in Frankfurt. Find us in Hall 12.0 – Stand C22 together with AddUp.

BeAM accelerates its journey to make Directed Energy Deposition a more robust, safe, and productive technology. Already successful among the industry with customer references including Safran, Opt’ALM, PFW Aerospace, and voestalpine, the Modulo 400 is presented with the following new features:

–       An automatic tool changer to swap automatically between two different deposition heads and a touch probe

–       A vibrating powder delivery system with up to 4 feeders, providing an even more stable powder flow

–       Process monitoring options such as an integrated pyrometer to control the melt-pool temperature

–       Integration in the Siemens NX environment and utilization of the digital twin technology of the machine to program and simulate the entire build as well as avoiding collisions of the deposition head

The Modulo 250 is a compact machine that combines performance, safety, and affordability, and is suitable for the production of small parts as well as for materials research. New materials will be showcased at Formnext, including Copper-Aluminium (see picture), Stellite, Ferro55 and Ti5553, as well as multimaterial (sandwich) parts and functionally graded materials, which is a unique advantage of the DED technology compared to powder-bed fusion.


New Modulo 250 customers references include Carleton University in Canada and Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems in Japan. We will also show at Formnext how this machine can be installed in the Flexcare Anywhere Factory, a modular and mobile factory concept offered by AddUp.

About DED technology

DED is a category of AM processes that use a coaxial feed of metal powder, led to a laser to create a melt-pool on a base substrate. Unlike Powder Bed Fusion, which uses a bed of powder, DED uses a nozzle on a 5-axis CNC platform to deposit and melt the material at the same time quickly and with minimal waste.

Apart from building near net shapes from scratch, DED is uniquely capable of manufacturing hybrid parts that consist of traditional manufacturing plus DED components or even Powder Bed Fusion additive manufacturing plus DED. This technology is also utilized for the repair of parts typically used in gas turbines and high-performance tooling. Several demonstration parts will be showcased at our formnext booth.


Cladding/Repair Addition of features Near net shapes


BeAM’s machines portfolio

BeAM machines are 5-axis CNC platforms designed specifically for Directed Energy Deposition technology and manufactured by BeAM. Their compact architecture includes in-house designed DED nozzles, a controlled atmosphere system for reactive materials and a multi-feeder powder delivery system. BeAM is also committed to ensuring the highest level of safety and ergonomics.

Modulo 250

Build envelope: 400x250x300mm

Modulo 400

Build envelope: 650x400x400mm

Magic 800

Build envelope: 1200x800x800mm


About BeAM

BeAM, created in December 2012, is a pioneer in designing and producing industrial metal additive manufacturing machines using the DED technology (Directed Energy Deposition).

BeAM works closely with its customers and business partners to develop and industrialize manufacturing and repair processes with feasibility assessments, pilot production, sales of systems, training, and technical support.

In addition, BeAM is a proud member of the NLR AM Program (Netherlands), the IRT Saint-Exupéry (France), the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Centre – ARTC (Singapore), the Aachen Centre for Additive Manufacturing – ACAM (Germany) and Mobility Goes Additive (Germany).

BeAM is headquartered in Strasbourg, France and has two Solutions Centers, one in Cincinnati, Ohio and one in Singapore. This global presence of engineers trained by BeAM contributes to accelerating the adoption of its innovative technology, while offering local engineering services and technical support.

In June 2018, BeAM joined the AddUp Group, a manufacturer of 3D printing machines and production lines based in Clermont-Ferrand. AddUp is a joint-venture between Fives and Michelin, which employs more than 380 people.

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