BeAM and Fives become partners

BeAM, an innovative French startup manufacturing metal 3D printers for industrial applications and Fives, an industrial engineering group of international stature, become partners.

BeAM, first European manufacturer of metal additive manufacturing machines by layer deposition announces an important partnership with Fives, an industrial engineering group that designs and manufactures machines, industrial machine-tools and production lines for industrial applications.

BeAM uses the CLAD® process which has been developed by the French LASER Research Institute IRÉPA LASER to manufacture, repair or add functions to parts with metal 3D printing process. This innovative process revolutionizes the industrial economic models, and especially the maintenance market. The CLAD® process is mainly used for the aerospace sector for repairs on worn critical parts such as turbines, turbo reactors and engines to drastically reduce the costs and time of repairs. In collaboration with an international company specialized in aerospace maintenance and the IRÉPA LASER institute, BeAM has qualified repairs of parts on the Pratt&Whitney catalogue with its machines at the highest level of qualification in the world for additive manufacturing parts. Up to now, more than 700 parts have been repaired with this process on BeAM machines.

An international partnership

In order to manufacture machines of industrial quality, BeAM has signed a partnership with the French engineering group Fives, and especially the Fives Machining company, well-known for its technological expertise in the conception and the manufacturing of industrial machines for industrial applications worldwide. Fives Machining has developed a first 5-axis machine of high-precision for the most demanding industrial applictions.

Thanks to their complementarity, BeAM and Fives Machining are not only able to manufacture high-technology machines, but also commercialize them, and perform a worldwide after-sale service to guaranty the best industrial experience for BeAM’s customers.

A strong collaboration with the Open Innovation

“This partnership between a startup and a major industrial group is the result of our Open-Innovation process” declares Emmanuel Laubriat, CEO and Founder of BeAM. “Our complementarities in terms of innovative expertise and international experience allow us to provide an unique offer on the market of industrial metal additive manufacturing machines’ market.

This common expertise gives BeAM a leading position for the future of metal 3D additive manufacturing machines using a LASER metal deposition process, and this worldwide”.

About BeAM

First European manufacturer of metal additive manufacturing machines based on the CLAD® technology, BeAM’s machines allow the repair of metal parts by metal powder deposition. The company was created in 2012, and is currently growing fast. The company has raised 1 million euros in 2014 with the help of 5 well-known entrepreneurs.

BeAM supports its customers during the industrialization of the manufacturing and repair processes in different steps: feasibility study, pilot production, system sales and training. BeAM is also recognized in the aeronautic sector with the repair of critical airplane engine parts at the highest level of qualification for an additive manufacturing process. BeAM is part of the GIFAS, union of the aeronautical and spatial industry.

About Fives

Fives Machining, spin-off of the Fives Group (8000 collaborators in 30 countries), provides BeAM its expertise in the machines’ development, manufacturing and international after-sale. BeAM manufactures its industrial quality machines with the help of the French engineering Fives Group, and especially Fives Machining, a company that is well known for its technological expertise and its capacity to manufacture machine tools for international customers.