BeAM will speak at the Business Forums during Singapore Airshow 2016

Backed by popular demand, the Business Forums at the Singapore Airshow 2016 will spotlight the latest developments in Asia as well as on the Emerging Technologies and Training & Simulation sectors within the aerospace and defence industry.

GIFAS (French Aerospace Industry Association) is organising the France – Singapore Business Forum to open doors to partnerships between Singapore and France.

The Forum will cover the following topics:

  • R&D existing cooperation
  • Innovation
  • New paradigm in aerospace MRO

Frédéric Le Moullec, in charge of Business Developement at BeAM, will be part of the Innovation Panel and will speak about additive manufacturing.

Frédéric Le Moullec is an experienced sales engineer who recently joined the high-tech company BeAM. Frédéric holds a Master of Science in Multi-disciplinary Engineering of the French Engineering School Centrale Lille. He also holds a Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering of the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. He dedicates his experience to the international development of innovative SMEs: in his previous position, he contributed to the growth of the French engine manufacturer Price Induction by promoting the company’s compact turbofan engine for 4-5 seat Personal Light Jets and by selling a range of educational tools for universities and research centres.

The France – Singapore Business Forum will take place on February 17th (Wed) at 2:00pm. It will be a unique opportunity to discuss how 3D printing and especially the LMD technology can lead to an extensive collaboration between the two countries.

Read the program and register for Business Forums here !