BeAM Machine’s Magic 2.0 Has Arrived At The BeAM North American Solutions Center In Cincinnati, Ohio

CINCINNATI, OH – April 3, 2017 — BeAM Machines SAS, the leading European based specialists in providing DED (Directed Energy Deposition) solutions, opened its U.S. subsidiary, BeAM Machines, Inc. earlier this year.

Says Tim Bell, General Manager of BeAM Machines, Inc., “Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, the BeAM Machines North American Solutions Center is about 30 minutes north of the Greater Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport, an optimal location to serve the many leading edge companies who will utilize our DED technology and solutions. Our Solutions Center will provide customers across multiple industries, including the aeronautic, aerospace, defense, nuclear and oil and gas industries with world class machine sales, service support, and training, as well as complete process development including applications engineering and material development.”

The Solutions Center will be fully staffed with service technicians, applications and manufacturing engineers, material scientists, machinists and technicians in addition to the business development team and support staff. The 20,000 square foot facility also includes a training center, post processing machine shop, metallurgical laboratory and a final assembly area for the machines.

Bell continues, “April is a very important month, as we have just taken delivery of the very first Magic 2.0 in North America. The Magic 2.0 is a large format 5 continuous axis machine designed for serial production or repair of high value components in industries with long lead times and high buy-to-fly ratios. The standard machine specifications include an X,Y,Z build volume of 1200 x 800 x 800, Siemens 840D Control, IPG 2KW Fiber Laser, MacroCLAD 10Vx Deposition Head, along with many other industry leading features.”

The Magic 2.0 is often used by Aerospace MRO sites to repair gas turbine engine shaft seals, stator vanes, LPT Blades, as well as other high value components that are historically unrepairable. Other applications for the Magic 2.0 are creating near net shapes versus machining from large expensive forgings, reducing the amount of wasted material as well as the environmental impact by using less energy to manufacture the components.

Bell concludes, “Some of the more unique applications include combining multiple advanced technologies such as Powder Bed Fusion and Directed Energy Deposition, leveraging the abilities of both of these additive manufacturing technologies at the component design level, allowing some of the worlds most advanced manufacturing facilities to push the envelop on what is possible. The freedom of design that Additive Manufacturing gives our customers allows them to achieve component performance and life cycle levels that historically were only ‘pipe dreams’.”

BeAM Machines, Inc., provides additive manufacturing solutions to the world’s industry leaders and is proud to be involved in programs that are advancing our world like never before. For more information, please visit or view