BeAM to introduce new industrial machines at international additive manufacturing trade show, formnext

Press Conference on November 16th at 4:15 PM (Hall 3, Ebene Via, Foyer Ost Raum Kontrast)

BeAM the European pioneer in DED additive manufacturing machines will present its “MAGIC” machine which already produces qualified parts for its customer Chromalloy.

BeAM will also present MODULO, its new machine which will be available in June 2017. BeAM will be on booth 3.1- J70 together with its partner Addup, the metal additive manufacturing company set up by Fives and Michelin. This will be the second edition of FormNext, an annual gathering of world leaders in additive manufacturing, where the industry’s latest innovations are presented for the first time. FormNext will run from November 15-18 in Frankfurt, Germany.

BeAM has reached a milestone in additive manufacturing, with the qualification of flight critical aerospace components

BeAM has achieved this milestone, with its first machines MOBILE and MAGIC 2.0 through its partnership with Chromalloy, a leading supplier of technologically advanced repairs, coatings and services for critical turbine engine components.

Chromalloy is a global supplier to commercial airlines, the military and industrial turbine applications.

The MOBILE and MAGIC machines are in use around the world by industry leaders including Safran, Chromalloy, Polytechnique ESTIA and others. Listening to key customer’s BeAM has integrated their feedback into two new models: the MAGIC 2 .0 and the MODULO.

The MODULO machine shows BeAM’s strategy to consistently stay a step ahead of the game by cultivating its technical edge. BeAM’s open innovation policy, involving customers and several partner research centers, enables it to continuously enhance its range of solutions. This approach ensures the company remains a technological leader in the competitive DED market.

“Our philosophy at BeAM is not to integrate the DED processes in existing machines and then ask our customers to adapt to the limits of technology. On the contrary, we develop customized machines which harness the potential of our processes, nozzles and software. This is what allows us to innovate continuously with our R & D ecosystem. Our machines are constantly evolving to meet more industrial applications opportunities and this is what the market expects.” says Emeric d’Arcimoles, President of BeAM.

The MAGIC 2.0 machine is in production and is currently being delivered to several customers. The MODULO machine has been pre-ordered by several customers and will be delivered in June 2017.

Chromalloy will show innovative repair applications at BeAM’s booth

Chromalloy chose BeAM three years ago to develop solutions to repair components that were considered irreparable with traditional industrial processes. The partnership between Chromalloy & BeAM has developed several repair solutions for Pratt & Whitney turbine engine components.

At FormNext, several components made from Ti6-4, Inconel 718, Waspaloy and a Stator Vane in Inconel 713 will be presented. The repair of these components allowed their lifetime to be increased from 10,000 hours to 50,000 hours.

Together BeAM and Chromalloy developed solutions that allow the components to be repaired four times before they need to be replace. More than 1,200 components have been repaired and returned to flight since Chromalloy acquired the MAGIC and MOBILE machines to internalize the production repair of these components.