BeAM to supply IRT Saint Exupéry with Modulo machine

Sale of our new Modulo machine to the Saint Exupéry Institute of Technology.

BeAM, pioneering provider of additive manufacturing machines based on Directed Energy Deposition technology (DED), is delighted to announce the sale of its new Modulo machine to the Saint Exupéry Institute of Technology, based in Toulouse and Bordeaux.

Better known as 3D printing, Additive Manufacturing refers to the various techniques used to create objects by adding successive layers of materials, which are fused together by an energy source. This is a key area of research at the Saint Exupéry Institute of Technology, which has been paying particular attention to DED technology for its wide number of potential applications in both the manufacture and repair of aircraft parts.

With a view to helping small and mid-sized enterprises concerned by additive manufacturing, IRT Saint Exupéry has been developing an SME Additive Manufacturing Solution (“Pack PME Fabrication Additive”), in conjunction with the Aerospace Valley cluster and innovation agency Madeeli. The institute has now ordered BeAM’s latest-generation DED system, the MODULO, to roll out this solution. The Modulo is to be installed at Saint Exupéry’s new premises in Toulouse.

Scalable, compact, flexible and easy to adapt

The Modulo is a digitally-controlled solution with five continuous axis. It is both flexible and scalable and is ideal for R&D and industrial projects, ensuring the most advanced DED performance possible. The Modulo manufactures 3D parts using a laser deposition system to melt a whole range of metals, including titanium, cobalt and nickel alloys and steels.

IRT Saint Exupéry is now BeAM client and partner

IRT Saint Exupéry therefore joins the list of BeAM partner-clients, which include Safran, the Ecole Polytechnique and ESTIA. BeAM and IRT Saint Exupéry will work together to deepen their knowledge of materials, develop new industrial applications, and support IRT members in adopting and perfecting DED technology.

Such “Open Innovation” partnerships are consistent with the approach taken by BeAM since it was founded in 2012. As CEO Emeric d’Arcimoles points out: “In addition to providing training on how to use our machines, we work together with clients to develop manufacturing processes and produce the first component parts together. Open Innovation is a new way of thinking about innovation. It has proved its worth in the software sector and is perfectly applicable to the industrial sector today, helping to speed up the market’s adoption of new technologies.”

This new machine will help spurp IRT Saint Exupéry’s research into the character and behaviour of metal materials processed by DED (Directed Energy Deposition) systems. It will also give SMEs an opportunity to take advantage of this new technology, thanks to the skills in materials and processes that will be developed using this new tool” adds Simon Perusin, head of IRT Saint Exupéry’s Metal Materials and Surface Treatments arm.

About IRT Saint Exupéry

The Saint Exupéry Institute of Technology is an innovation accelerator with a mission to develop ground-breaking technologies in three key areas: high performance multifunctional materials, more electric aircraft (MEA), and embedded systems. Launched as part of the French government programme “Investissements d’Avenir” (Investments for the Future), it works with both public and private partners to jointly drive research forward, using cutting-edge technological platforms and skills.