BeAM enlists strategic partners to standardise quality checks on 3D metal printing

« I AM SURE » project wins FUI 20 tender and is certified Systematic Paris Region Digital Ecosystem.

BeAM has enlisted industry majors, including Airbus Group, CEA List, DCNS and Thales, to take part in its “I AM SURE” initiative to standardise 3D printing techniques.

The project aims to develop a quality control process for machine outputs. It is due to launch on January 1, 2016 and will last for three years.

 The “I AM SURE” project will focus on the metal parts themselves, as these may ultimately be used in industries with stringent security requirements. Similar applications already exist in the aerospace sector but are limited in scope. The solutions developed during the project will be tested on aeronautics, naval, aerospace, and land applications.

“I AM SURE” aims to develop a system for tracking processes during manufacturing (defect detection) via real-time monitoring, to which will be added post-manufacturing control systems based on high-resolution X-ray tomography.

“3D metal printing is revolutionising the industry business model, as manufacturers can now repair parts which would previously have been consigned to scrap. The aerospace sector is already a major industrial user of such methods for manufacturing and repairing parts, and other sectors will follow suit. The certification of our process and quality label will enable 3D metal printing to expand much further afield.” adds BeAM CEO, Emmanuel Laubriat.

The “I AM SURE” project has a budget of over three million euros and was selected by France’s Fonds Interministériel Unique (FUI – Unique Interdepartmental Fund) in its 20th call for tender (FUI 20) in support of applied research. “I AM SURE” also has the backing of the Alsace Region and Strasburg’s Eurometropolis.

The “I AM SURE” project is jointly certified by the PVF, Systematic, Aerospace Valley, EMC2, Route des Lasers and Viaméca clusters and comprises:

  • industrial companies Airbus Group, DCNS, Thales,
  • research centres CEA-LIST, CETIM et LNE,
  • mid-size tech firms VLM and Poly-shape
  • and the French Association for Rapid Prototyping (AFPR).