An exceptional board of investors and a fund raising for BeAM

An impressive growth and new international perspectives.

BeAM, the first European manufacturer of metal 3D additive manufacturer using LASER metal deposition has raised 1 million euros and federated an exceptional board of investors to conquest the world market.

The 3D printing market increases of 20% each year and has reached a total amount of 3 billions dollars in 2014.

With this fundraising and in this priviledge context, no doubt the BeAM’s turnover is about to increase greatly for 2015. In order to get a proper international legitimacy, BeAM has raised a million euros thanks to the support of 5 major actors of the French industry.

They supported BeAM for several months, and will continue to provide their strategic expertise in the future. The money raised will allow BeAM to develop its R&D team, to recruit 15 employees before the end of 2015, and to find new buildings where to implement their international strategy.

The fundraising has been made possible thanks to:

  • Emeric d’Arcimoles, Commissioner-general of the SIAE/PAS (Paris Air Show),
  • Frédéric Sanchez, Chairman of Fives Executive Board,
  • Hervé Guillou, CEO of DCNS,
  • Maurice Berenger, CEO of Protip Medical,
  • Philippe Varin, CEO of Areva.

The CLAD® Process in details

Metal powders are injected through the CLAD® nozzle to generate an homogenous metallic layer by melting metal powder with a laser beam. The metallurgic characteristics of the metallic layers are between casting and forged metal. Thanks to a neutral gas, the deposition is protected against oxidation.

A dedicated technology for state-of-the-art industries.

This process has been developed by IREPA LASER for the last 15 years, and is the result of several R&D collaborations with the academic laboratories of the University of Strasbourg. Not less than 3 doctoral thesis have been written to reach the successful elaboration of the CLAD® process for the industry.

The Partnership of Fives, a major industrial group

To manufacture 3D metal printers, BeAM works in collaboration with the Fives Group for the biggest machines and with Aventis Engineering for the smallest. BeAM integrates its CLAD® technology and its know-how to guaranty the best metal additive manufacturing machines available to their customers. Fives will continue to support BeAM with its strategic expertise and its international commercialization processes.

A solution-oriented approach to support customers

Before investing in production, BeAM’s customers can manufacture their parts on CLAD® machines. Thanks to this pilot-production, BeAM’s customers can start their market prospections with the information they were given during the BeAM’s feasibility and engineering studies. Once the objectives in terms of turnover have been reached, industrials can buy a machine, and get a complete return on investment analysis.

BeAM’s learning process has been developed so customers’ employees can learn at their own rhythm. BeAM is able to give training lessons to transfer its knowledge to an operator until the training of a scientific team (up to the doctorate, thanks to BeAM’s partnership with IRÉPA LASER). “This fundraising has been a major step for BeAM, and gives a strong signal to the market.

Our business model is not only efficient and flexbile: major actors of the industry provide BeAM a strategic expertise and trust us. The 3D printing is about to revolutionize the traditional industrial business model : in this context, we want to be in a leading position” declares Emmanuel Laubriat, CEO of BeAM.

About BeAM

First European manufacturer of metal additive manufacturing machines based on the CLAD® technology, BeAM’s machines allow the repair of metal parts by metal powder deposition. The company was created in 2012, and is currently growing fast. The company raised 1 million euros in 2014 with the help of 5 well-known entrepreneurs.

BeAM supports its customers during the industrialization of the manufacturing and repair processes in different steps: feasibility study, pilot production, system sales and training. BeAM is also recognized in the aeronautic sector with the repair of critical airplane engine parts at the highest level of qualification for an additive manufacturing process. BeAM is part of the GIFAS, union of the aeronautical and spatial industry.

[i] Source : Xerfi Septembre 2014 & Wohlers Associates.