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Strasbourg (France)

Additive Manufacturing Engineer

8 Rue Schertz, Strasbourg, France

As a member of the Process Development TeAM, the Additive Manufacturing Engineer will take charge of planned projects as part of the company’s development strategy.

Main Responsibilities

  • Project planning: Define different work phases, evaluate human and material resources
  • Market research and analysis with existing technical solutions, purchase necessary equipment, and construction of prototypes
  • Design and plan experiments
  • Installation and commission of equipment, as well as machine operation or device analysis.
  • Plan and moderate meetings with members involved in different projects
  • Document projects and results with images, diagrams, sketches, CAD, etc … for the processes, procedures, and specifications carried out
  • Analyze and interpretate results, summaries, and conclusions
  • Write internal and external communication project reports (ex. trade show presentations)


Secondary responsibilities

  • Technical support to engineering, operations, and business development teams when needed.
  • Travel is to be expected (10% maximum)
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Key Skills

  • Very good level in English, written and oral
  • Knowledgable in mechanical design
  • Knowledgable in materials science
  • CAD software



  • Experiences design
  • Experience in creating and using development test systems
  • Results oriented, entrepreneurial sense, high initiative
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