AddUp and IPC create Addilys S.A.S

ADDILYS, a joint response from AddUp and IPC for the large-scale deployment of additive manufacturing in tooling and plastics processing.
IPC and AddUp create Addilys

The AddUp Group and IPC combine their technical skills and complementary expertise to create ADDILYS, a dedicated platform for upgrading additive manufacturing in the area of tooling. The goal is to provide manufacturers with global solutions, from advice through to maintenance, including tooling design, demos and manufacture.

This partnership will make it possible to deploy customized and optimized thermal solutions, particularly for plastics processors and on an industrial level, through the use of “conformal cooling”, made possible by high-performance 3D metal printing. These technologies lead to impressive increases in productivity that benefit all actors across the manufacturing chain, from mould maker to end user.

AddUp and IPC engage all the material and human resources needed to ensure the agile and efficient deployment that is required by the market. This new entity will be headquartered in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, near its parents, AddUp and IPC.

Benefiting from the combined experience of IPC and AddUP, the ADDILYS teams are, as of now, available to offer advice, meet your needs and support your projects.

Through its unique HUB strategy, tailored to specific sectors (aeronautics, energy, etc.), AddUp, the French leader in metal additive manufacturing, brings to the table its product/process skills in additive manufacturing, its high-performance machinery, and its ability to adapt to user needs.

IPC (Plastics and Composites Manufacturing Technical Centre) offers its sound knowledge of the plastics sector as well as its skills in optimized thermal solutions and the design of printed moulds to enable plastics processors to improve their cycle times and productivity.

David MULLER – CEO, ADDILYS says: “ADDILYS is THE trade response for plastics processing and tooling users. Combining 3D printing skills with the expertise of trade users (plastics processing, etc.) the company provides/offers an optimum response for technical solutions that brings benefits in the quickest and most efficient way, while offering ad-hoc support in order to improve operational productivity.”

“The IPC Technical Centre was created a few years ago by plastics processing manufacturers who were seeking to boost innovation and improve their companies’ competitive edge. This unusual partnership between a research centre and a manufacturer, ADDUP, the emerging leader in additive manufacturing, is a real opportunity to harness each organisation’s skills and the R&D advances gained over the last few years to the benefit of sector manufacturers,” says Etienne BECHET DE BALAN, IPC President.

Vincent FERREIRO, AddUp Director General, adds: “As pioneers in the development of 3D printing solutions for manufacturing, and thanks to the experience gained from our shareholders, Fives and Michelin, we are convinced that creating this platform with IPC will enable manufacturing industry actors that use moulds to access an innovative services offering that is able to add enormous value.”


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About AddUp

After deciding to create a major player in 3D metal printing, the two manufacturing groups Fives and Michelin founded AddUp on 1st April 2016. This joint partnership aims to use its experience and unique knowledge to the benefit of clients by developing and globally marketing machinery and manufacturing workshops that rely on metal additive manufacturing, commonly referred to as 3D metal printing. With its acquisition of BeAM in June 2018, the AddUp offer includes powder bed fusion technology (LBM: Laser Beam Melting) and metal powder laser projection technology (DED: Directed Energy Deposition). AddUp also provides service offerings, consulting and training that supports clients in their take up of this technology. Thanks to its recent acquisition of a majority stake in the French company Poly-Shape, AddUp is now able to offer clients exclusive access to a multi-provider, multi-technology, multi-materials and multi-applications platform to support all spare parts production projects. AddUp, based in Clermont-Ferrand with subsidiaries in the United States and Singapore, has over 350 employees.

About IPC

IPC is a Manufacturing Technical Centre dedicated to innovation in plastics processing and composites manufacturing in France. As a result, since 2016 the trade has benefited from new resources for providing support to all companies, particularly SMEs and micro businesses, regardless of the processes used, thanks to funding that finances R&D, innovation, and the transfer of technology and skills. IPC operates on a national level and has a presence across the French territory. IPC is backed by the ‘Fédération de la Plasturgie et des Composites’ (Federation of Plastics Processing and Composites Manufacturing) and its associations, and develops partnerships with all technical and scientific players: competitiveness and technical centres as well as universities and engineering schools.