Powering BeAM Directed Energy Deposition with AutoDesk PowerMill

Constant pressure for greater fuel efficiency is forcing aerospace manufacturers to build complex and robust parts, faster and cheaper.  

BeAM is a manufacturer of industrial metal additive machines which use directed energy deposition, also called laser metal deposition.

Working with Autodesk, BeAM can produce parts quickly, on-demand and to specification. BeAM has a broad range of customers in the aeronautics, defense, and energy sectors. Directed energy deposition is the innovative solution used to build near net shapes with a great competitive advantage.

Using PowerMill Additive, BeAM is able to make complex parts that are closer to the finished size and shape, requiring a minimal amount of finishing processes such as machining. Making parts faster will certainly help enable new design freedom to deliver greater fuel efficiencies and reduce the environmental impact.


To learn more about AutoDesk and PowerMill, visit: www.autodesk.com